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Equi-Still Portable Equine Stocks Now Available in the USA and New Zealand!

Equi-Still Portable Equine Stocks have has been created with the safety of the horse, the handler and the veterinarian in mind.

Our design is based upon the best ideas I have collated from my work with stocks in the Large Animal Intensive Care Unit at the UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine and from recommendations of many overseas veterinarians.

AAEP 2017

We had a great time exhibiting at AAEP in San Antonio, Texas in November 2017!



NATM Compliance Achieved!

Our Equi-Still Portable Equine Stocks have finally received their compliance certificate from the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) in the USA!





It was a long haul, but the stringent requirements of the NATM compliance program means the trailers inherent to our Equi-Still Portable Equine Stocks should be compliant for registration in all fifty states! They had their compliance examination just before AAEP opened in San Antonio! Great job from our NZ engineer and manufacturer. Thanks so much, Jeff!

If you’re interested in seeing what the NATM is all about, just click here to see their website.




We’ve Found Our USA Manufacturer

We’ve found our manufacturer in the USA and contracts are awaiting signatures. The stocks you may have seen at AAEP in San Antonio are currently visiting my friends in Texas. They will be shipped to the new manufacturers to assist in their first stocks build. Then those ones will be available for sale.

Thanks to those of you who expressed interest at the San Antonio American Association of Equine Practitioners Convention last November! I’ll be emailing you soon!


Thanks for coming by!

Lizzi, Matt, and Elliot

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+647 863 9312


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Equi-Still Portable Equine Stocks are ideal for:

  • Examinations
  • Dentistry
  • Radiography (taking X-rays)
  • Reproductive work
  • Standing surgery
  • IV fluid therapy
  • Any other procedures requiring a stationary horse

equi-still portable stocks

Key Features of Equi-Still Portable Equine Stocks:

  • A three-pillar structure. If you’ve ever tried to extract a down horse from a four-pillar structure without a tractor, you’ll understand the benefit.
  • A pressure-independent latching mechanism to open the stocks and release your patient, in case the unthinkable happens.
  • Heavy padding covered with strong PVC in crucial areas to minimize patient injury, should an emergency arise. Padding is designed to be removable for cleaning, and is attached by heavy duty snaps and lacing.
  • Extendable column will support a patient’s head (or whatever else within reason you need to hold up) for dentistry or other procedures.
  • Equi-Still Portable Equine Stocks are available as originally designed, as stationary stocks, or built to suit your specifications.
  • Safety! See below!

equi-still stocks

Equi-Still Portable Equine Stocks Offer Safety

While no structure can make working around horses a safe experience every time, Equi-Still Portable Equine Stocks have been designed with that goal in mind.

For your patients: Equi-Still Portable Equine Stocks provide a solid structure for patients to lean upon, preventing the movement and frights horses can experience under sedation.

This enhanced stability during procedures may minimize the amount of anaesthetic drug required by most equids for effective sedation, improving post-treatment stability and decreasing the likelihood of further injury.

For your clients: Equi-Still Portable Equine Stocks free your clients from having to hold their horses’ heads while you perform procedures like dentistry.

They also provide a safety barrier, helping to prevent owners from being injured by their own horses under your care, providing a level of safety unachievable without stocks—at their place or yours. Your insurance company should care.

For you and your employed veterinarians: Equi-Still Portable Stocks offer you the above benefits. Dentistry, radiology, reproductive work, standing surgery are all simplified.

The stocks take only a few minutes to set up and you’ll save time and money by having your equipment where you need it, when you need it, at your client’s place or yours.

For those of you who love dentistry, the stocks support your patient’s head in a position which simplifies your work and even better, minimize the likelihood of a forefoot in your face while you’re attempting an infraorbital nerve block, among a load of other procedures.

Equi-Still Portable Stocks Available Now!equi-still stocks

Give your patients, clients and yourself the best and safest veterinary experience possible with your own stocks—behind your own vet vehicle—every day, with Equi-Still Portable Equine Stocks. Again, they are available as stationary stocks as well!

Now available with finance for approved purchasers in New Zealand.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.

About Equi-Still Portable Equine Stocks and Blue Mist Equine Veterinary Centre

Elizabeth Thompson, BA, DVM, MANZCVS, GradDipTeach (Sec Sciences), is a practicing equine veterinarian who also writes non-fiction veterinary and fiction under the pseudonym of Lizzi Tremayne.

After completing her MANZCVS in Equine Dentistry, Lizzi’s frustration with the lack of facilities in her practice area needed for quality, state of the art dental work grew.

Because most of her practice area comprised a pleasure horse clientele without stocks,  and no portable equine stocks seemed to be available in New Zealand, she decided to create Equi-Still Portable Equine Stocks.

Consultation with many veterinarians in the USA and UK, combined with Lizzi’s own experience as a Large Animal ICU Student Technician while attending UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine, resulted in the development and design of these stocks.

A few years ago, Equi-Still Portable Equine Stocks was born at Blue Mist Equine Veterinary Centre near Waihi, North Island, New Zealand.

2017 will see our first foray into the United States with Equi-Still’s presence at the  AAEP Annual Convention and Trade Show at San Antonio, Texas, 18-20 November.  I hope to see you there!

Come on by for a cup of coffee and have a go with our stocks.

You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for reading.

See you soon!

Lizzi, Matthew and Elliot

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